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The 5 Tops Scorers of the NRL According to Fans

Rugby is a sport that has been growing with the passing of the years in Latin American countries, which have begun to have recognition. But this is not the case today, because we will focus on the NRL of Australia, a country in which rugby is one of the main sports and has gained appreciation in front of the general public.
This sport has reached Australian people so much, to such an extent where the fans have begun to make their own predictions about this year’s championship, such as the scores that the players of the different teams could make and which player could be the best scorer in the entire league.

Thanks to the fans we have also created our own list of players that we believe can make a great season and have a very good performance in the league and their team. Here is the list of the most scoring players according to them:

Josh Addo-Carr

A 23-year-old Australian player, who has been very successful in the NRL, and has once, won this tournament at his young age. He plays for the Melbourne Storms and his position is the wing, which makes it one of the best candidates to score more points this season, due to its potential. He has 79% of the votes from the fans.

post2 1 - The 5 Tops Scorers of the NRL According to Fans

Tom Trbojevic

Very versatile rugby player, who was born in Australia and plays for the Marine Eagles of Manly Warringah. He does not have a fixed position, because he can play in any offensive position, which can be fullback, wing, and center. Trbojevic, is a player with high chances to remain as the maximum scorer, and has 78% of the votes.

post2 2 - The 5 Tops Scorers of the NRL According to Fans

Blake Ferguson

Professional player of the National Rugby League in Australia who has developed several positions which can be defense or attack so he plays like a center, wing or defense for the Parramatta Eels. This versatility helps the player to have many possibilities to make scores in the league and fans give him 65% of the votes.

post2 3 - The 5 Tops Scorers of the NRL According to Fans

David Fusitu’a

New Zealand player featured in the rugby league of his country who plays as a wing, center and defense and plays in the national teams of Tonga and New Zealand. In his club, New Zealand Warriors, he is a very outstanding player with a great capacity to score points. The public gives him 65% to be first on the list.

post2 4 - The 5 Tops Scorers of the NRL According to Fans

Nick Cotric

He is a player of Serbian origin, who stands out in the NRL as a very versatile player. He plays center, fullback, and wing for the Canberra Raiders. His team has him as one of the main stars, all this thanks to his great performance, in addition to representing his team Serbia in the world. He has 55% of the votes.

post2 5 - The 5 Tops Scorers of the NRL According to Fans
These five players have the possibility to remain as the players with the highest scores of the league, so it will be a very close season and with a lot of rivalry between them. Let’s see what happens and enjoy this beautiful sport.

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